Dr Oz’s Super Antioxidant


Dr Oz and Dr. Julie Chen strongly recommended Dim Complex Supplement as a super antioxidant and anti-aging and it naturally balances hormones and potentially prevent cancer. To get the recommended does of Dim you have to eat over 2 pounds of cruciferous vegetables so that is why a supplement is so important to take.

Dr Oz says that his mother in law has being pushing him to mention DIM Complex because she knows how powerful it is and how most of us don’t eat enough cruciferous vegetables.

100 mg a day or if you are heavier 200 mg a day. Take in a capsule:

This particular version of DIM Complex has enhanced absorption:

He also strongly suggested Krill Oil to protect your heart and general health which he said is superior to Fish Oil as a source of Omega 3

Everest Nutrition Krill Oil – 100% Pure Cold Pressed Antarctic Krill Oil – More Omega-3′s: Highest Levels of DHA, EPA and Astaxanthin in the Industry – 1250 Mg/per serving – 60 capsules

And Chromium Polynicotinate to balance your sugar levels and lose weight